Cooking my way

I was born to cook. Some of my earliest memories in life are of being in the kitchen with my grandmother as she made the foods that would be included in my holiday meals for the rest of my life – her unique potato salad (made with prepared deviled eggs, chopped), a Thanksgiving turkey that melted in your mouth and fell off the bone, and homemade pies that no restaurant pastry could hold a candle to. Given my love of cooking from a young age, I knew I had to start a blog to share my tips, recipes, and affinity for all things culinary with others who also enjoy cooking.

To me there is nothing more relaxing and enjoyable than spending a day in the kitchen, whipping up my family’s favorite recipes and trying out a few new ones. I’m not one of those cooks who expects that people will like everything that I prepare. I also don’t limit myself to healthy cooking, although I do tend to sneak nutritious foods into my recipes whenever I can: spinach in my fruit smoothies, pureed carrots in my soups, kale in my tuna and chicken salads. Every little bit counts. But I also enjoy spoiling my family with dishes that are a little bit decadent. click here to read more about recipes. Click here to learn more about electric kitchen knives.

cooking my way

We don’t go overboard, but once or twice a week we have an extra-rich dessert made from scratch, like my grandma’s Hot Cocoa Cake or homemade Strawberry Shortcake. On those nights we go for a nice walk around the neighborhood about 30 minutes after our meal. The good food and sitting around the table together puts us all in a great mood, and a nice family walk afterwards is the “icing on the cake”! for more related information , click on :

I hope everyone will go on this journey with me. I love to learn about and experiment with foods from all around the world. There is so much fun to be had in cooking, and so much love to share around the dinner table. It’s the most special place a family can still come together and bond, and feel the love all nice and warm in their tummies. Come back soon!

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